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Street Photography – Getting the hang of it

I can safely say my nerves have been tested to the hilt when it comes to street photography. I’m self taught and i’ve been following my instincts and pushing all those boundaries lately by stepping out of my comfort zone in getting the desired images I want…..and….breath. Keep reading….


Sicily – Street Photography – Part 2

Sicily is a place where history abounds and its people have great stories to tell. By stories I mean, just watching and observing how they go about their daily lives. This post is a follow on from my previous article Sicily, Charming and Unspoilt….but this time I’m focusing more on the people and characters that make up this beautiful country. Welcome to part two 🙂

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Street Photography – London

As I continue to trudge the streets of London practising my street photography skills, I’ve come to realise that images showcasing emotion such as happiness, sadness, humour (and the list could go on), they are the ones that usually stand out the most. In order to capture those types of photos you’ve got to find the emotion and snap it up pretty quickly so you don’t get noticed. Trust me, that’s not always an easy feat.

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Street Photography – Canterbury, Kent

Canterbury is well known for its huge variety of attractions such as visiting the world famous Cathedral and the historic river tours to name a few. But believe it or not, it’s also home to capturing some of the heart and soul of the area, the people….well on that day I went anyway 🙂

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Street Photography – South Bank, London

There’s absolutely nothing like heading down to the vibrant and colourful South Bank in London to capture the life and soul of the people that frequent there.

It’s a street photographers paradise – from tourists to locals –  it’s always busy with people whether during the summer or the winter months.

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Lloyds Building – Iconic London

This high-tech, stainless steel mammoth of a building literally took my breath away. The Lloyds Building (the home of an insurance company) stands as tall as ever and is a photographers architectural dream to shoot.

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Street Photography – Brick Lane, London

I can only imagine how Brick Lane, a popular East London location has changed over the years. Its vibrancy, street art, quirky flair, interesting people and eateries have made it a super place for street photography. I took a trip down there recently to capture one of the coolest places in London.

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